MARKETING FUNCTION and LOGISTICS REVISITED: Revised Dual Sub-functional Model Approach

This paper attempts to point out the continued confusion in some literature with respect to the concepts of marketing and logistics, and their relatedness. These are usually, and maybe inadvertently, treated as separate and independent functions. This frame of reference can often lead to costly mistakes. Authors frequently describe them as if they are two different functions: that of marketing, and that of logistics. Actually, logistics is a submix of marketing. The fact that logistics is a part of marketing is usually ignored. This kind of approach is still prevalent in most writing. Yet we must talk about two submixes of marketing, one of which is logistics, or servicing demand, and the other, which is obtaining demand. Therefore, the connection and interdependence of marketing and logistics terminology must be put into their proper place for correct and complete analysis. For this purpose, a Dual Subfunction Model is presented to tie together logistics and the remaining part of marketing. This model may serve as a guide for more accurate analyses, or at least as a reminder for consideration by novices.
Keywords: Supply Chain, Marketing function, logistics subfunction, delivery, promise management, making promise ,keeping promise, obtaining demand subfunction, ethics and social responsibility in Logistics, Value Offer, Value Proposal, 4Ps, 4Cs, Marketing mix, Retailing mix, Relationship marketing, Love Brand, 3PL firms..


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