Retailing In A Developing And Mixed Economic System: The Turkish Case; Proceedings of the International Symposium; Distribution Structure and Management,

Let me make a few relevant comments on retailing in general before going into my specific study of the Turkish case.   As is known, retailing is the whole group of activities which are aimed at mar­keting of goods and services directly to the consumer.   Thus, it follows that retailing is the most visible aspect of marketing and even of a great part of the general economic activities of a country.   As it is, the retailing institutions are the final but one of the most important: gates of the marketing activities. As a matter of fact, the consumers see only the retailers as the representatives of a larger distribution network.   Therefore the whole responsibility and the ensuing (following) burden of distribution fall on the shoulders of retailers.   This is natural to a certain extent.   However beyond a certain point there needs to be a balance throughout the distribution channels.   This we may call intra-channel equilibrium.

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